December 27, 2017

The process – fifth entry: the viewers place.

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This is the last phase in the process and can either fall quickly into place or dither out and take a long time.
It’s where all of the mathematical problem solving needs to take place to bridge that intangible place between the viewer and as the setting. Everything from the tree line to your eye as the viewer, now needs to pull you in. That’s done through details, color, setting, and more. I have to think about how the color plays off of every piece of grass, bark, or twig. By the time I’m done, I want to bring the land as close as I can to you, the viewer. I want you to feel the mid morning air. I want you to almost be able to hear the crickets, and bird song. If I can’t make you feel like you could step into the painting, or want to, it will fall short.

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