November 24, 2017

Small Business Saturday Sale!

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I hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
It is a time of reflection and a time to give thanks for all those things that are important in our lives; a time to celebrate the good and positive. I am personally thankful for so very much. 
Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, and many small, independently-run businesses have promotional sales on their merchandise.
As I have had time to reflect, I have decided that I want to share with all of you who have supported me in the past year. Thank you. For the first time, is going to participate in small business Saturday by offering 15% off select items. 


Saturday, November 25th, items in the following storerooms can be purchased for 15% discount – Landscapes, Historical Genre, and Flora, Fauna and More.

Emails sent anytime between 12:01 Saturday morning and 11:59 Saturday night expressing your intent to purchase an items will secure your 15% discount. See “Contact Me” on the right hand column.

Credit cards through Square and Paypal are accepted.

April 2, 2017

The Second Painting from Kalamazoo.

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This second painting looked a little more done when I brought it out but I didn’t like how dark it was overall, so I spent some time yesterday bringing up the highlights.

This was a walking trail in western Pennsylvania that had big boulders everywhere.

This was a walking trail in western Pennsylvania that had big boulders everywhere.

Each painting I do now is chosen because they have some element in them that is a specific challenge. It might be a particular color palette, a tone, or something like water, architecture or rocks. 
For the most part, I take my own photos to do my paintings from. Part of the reason I insist on doing that is that I don’t need to worry about copyright. If I use an image someone else has taken then I must always ask for permission, often formally in the form of a written release to allow me the freedom to sell my final work. The other reason I use my own photographs is that they are literally triggers – reminders of something I experienced. They reflect a moment or emotion I saw, experienced, felt, smelled, or want to remember. Hopefully that direct memory helps me pass those experiences on to you more effectively.
I hope you enjoy this capture of the Rocky Path. Now, on to the next painting.

April 1, 2017

Playing in the Studio

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I had a great weekend at the Kalamazoo Trade Fair where I worked on two paintings on Saturday and a third one on Sunday.

From the cool shade of the shoreline birch, a view of Turtle Island.

From the cool shade of the shoreline birch, a view of Turtle Island.

I love painting and talking at a public event like that and couldn’t be more thrilled that I was able to produce several works to a point of mostly done.  
When I am in such an open venue as that I start and stop painting while I talk to each person – something I love to do and is the main reason I paint on site.
The split concentration often keeps me from focusing on the problem solving part of pulling a piece through to completion so I bring the paintings home and look them over before signing them. Usually I see a few things I am not happy with and sit down and put a little time in fixing. The trick is being free to sit down and paint and these last couple weeks I have been too busy to do that.
This first painting was relatively close to done so all I needed to do was clean up a few places where there were awkward details. Done now, I offer you the View of Turtle Island.

Now, off to finish up the next painting.

November 2, 2016

Processing the evaluation.

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Artists would like to believe that painting is primarily about the hands on activity, raw and physical. We try to minimize the intellectual weight involved, in lieu of the assign of passionately pushing paint around a canvas. Maybe so. Maybe not. 
I will be mounting a show tomorrow afternoon that is rooted in scholarship and not in my usual venues of teaching or commerce. It is going up as one of many events in an academic showcase for our new president’s inauguration and will remain hanging in my university library for the month.
The pieces I selected were chosen to accompany and illustrate a dialogue about the importance of research to the success of the visual arts. The topic is somewhat controversial but it has been good for me to articulate some of the internal conversations this year has prompted. No doubt, the coming together of the painting in the field and the mental processing will affect my work as I come into the studio this fall.


March 24, 2016

Trade Fairs are great exposure.

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The new displays showcasing my work.

The new displays showcasing my work.

The Oshkosh show was the inaugural setup for the new display panels, print bin, and service desk and I couldn’t be happier. By Kalamazoo, I knew how they went up and could celebrate the fact the panels were light and easy to carry into the venue, and hanging my work was faster than ever.

Close to done with the harvest landscape.

Close to done with the harvest landscape.

I began this painting of harvest time in the Midwest while I was at the Oshkosh show. This picture was taken on Sunday of the Kalamazoo show and seeing this, I can tell I am just about done. I love painting at these shows but it takes me so much time that I am rarely done in one, or two events.

The weekend in Kalamazoo turned out to be a great opportunity for visiting friends and building networking inroads, and of course I got to spend two days sitting and painting for the public. As it turned out, I had the opportunity to talk with several other artists and the wonderful conversations were exactly what I needed to take my work to the next level. Criticism, when it is done constructively, can be powerful. I am excited.

February 22, 2016

Echoes of the Past Trade Fair

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Almost ready to pack for the show.

Almost ready to pack for the show.

This next weekend I’ll be headed up to Oshkosh, Wisconsin with my mobile gallery. I am gathering some prints and some old favorite originals. I’ll also be bringing along some of my new landscapes for your enjoyment.

The Echoes of the Past Trade Fair is here: Sunnyview Exposition Center and Winnebago Fairgrounds  at 500 East County Road Y in Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901.

As usual, I’ll start a new painting at the event and will be happy to spend time talking to you while I’m at the easel so stop in and see me.

January 10, 2015

Calling it.

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I  have uploaded all of the images for this painting into the “Watching the Process” gallery so that you can now see the series in sequence. Once you click on the first one, you can move through the line using the arrows under the enlarged image. Have fun.

Disclaimer: all of the photos I post here of my work are simply quick shots done with my phone in abysmal indoor light and are uploaded without modification. The original paintings are bright and color saturated and no photograph does justice.

January 1, 2015

A new year – a new beginning.

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This is the beginning of the new year. It is the time for resolutions and commitments. I plan to be more diligent at writing here. I am also promising myself to paint more often. Thanks for sticking with me these last few years, and I look forward to to you joining me in the year ahead. You’re welcome to come with.

August 23, 2014

Next steps

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This is an update to the saga of the painting we have been discussing earlier. Community of Women

In early August, I took the painting “on the road” so to speak to a reenactment in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I worked on it at  for a couple of days while in the public eye and gleaned additional criticisms that I could fix right on the spot.
I really enjoy working in public. It is why I set up my easel and paint at many of the reenactments and trade shows. Art is not best created in a vacuum. Art teachers assimilate visual and oratorical influences from their students and colleagues through classroom work and critique sessions. I miss being in that rich open environment of a classroom and find this method of taking work to the field or into the public eye, very helpful. The public becomes my ‘extra eyes’ and sparks dialogue, influences my perspectives, and helps me see my errors…or forces me to articulate a reason if I reject the suggestion.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing this painting develop. It is now a finished painting – ready to use on the cover of the magazine and make prints for those who wish them.
Happily, the original has already been spoken for.

July 29, 2014

A bit unnerving…

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Well, I went back to the easel tonight and at close of day the lady on the right is now gone. Foliage has replaced where she was, the lake is resuming where she was, and the sky and clouds are falling into place where her face was. It is very hard – unnerving – to make a decision like I have while this far into a piece, but I think I did the right thing. I liked the image of the women and may repeat her another time. She just didn’t belong here.

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