Historical Lectures

2012-10-19 21.58.23

What was it like to be a woman trained in the fine arts, living and working during another time period in our countries’ history?  What obstacles did she face? Where did she get her supplies?

As a working artist in the 21st century, it was natural that I most often choose to portray myself, as I might have lived in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Through active interpretation, I show what it was like to engage in the cottage industry of an artist and what tools an artist used. Through lecture, I explain what social and economic conditions might have affected my work, where I may have received my training, and who my contemporaries were in that time.

Although I predominantly portray a portrait painter in 1803, I may also be found lecturing on the life of a woman artist in 1787, 1830, 1865, and 1900, or leading a workshop to demonstrate and teach in the stylistic tendencies of work done in these eras. Feel free to contact me regarding speaking and/or demonstration engagements.