The next step – opening up the portfolio

Time to take the next step towards making this site a proper artist’s website by opening up images for viewing… don’t you agree? I have opened this next part EVEN THOUGH it is still evolving (slightly under construction) so you can see my work and watch the site grow. Take a browse and get to know me and my work better.

On the right hand side you will find a new heading called Portfolio. Under this are three new tabs.

Buttons are hand painted buttons that can be purchased for those of you who do knitting or sewing. Detailed captions and prices will come.

in Private Collections are paintings that were either commissioned works or have been sold but are shown here, to spark ideas for your own custom piece and encourage you to contact me.

Recent Paintings is actually a slightly broad “kettle” that holds work completed as recently as last week but can contain older pieces as well.  Most importantly, all works shown in this category are available for adoption. The pieces here are being compiled to take to upcoming shows so you might want to check the calendar to find out where you can see them in person.

Enjoy the look-see.


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