Getting ready for another show.

My next public show will be so unusual, and so fun. Rarely does my painter hat and my historical hat, both vie so strenuously for my head at the very same moment. Add another hat – that of musician/vocalist – and it is assured to be an absolute gas!

Hat #1–The show will be hung in what is referred to as a salon style hanging, which basically means in a grouped arrangement on one wall, balanced and ranging from ceiling to the usual eye level. Duration will be short as I will hang on the Fourth of July and it will come down at the end of the week on Sunday afternoon. I am planning to sit for several sessions (working on my most recent painting while visiting with patrons) in the wonderful pub, Fiddler’s Green on Washington Island. This way I can meet art patrons, and they can watch me work.

Hat #2–When I am not painting on site in FG I will be on the grounds of the farm museum portraying a woman artist in the early regency period for visitors to our historical encampment.

Hat #3–In the evenings the musicians from the encampment usually wander over to the pub, carrying their instruments. Local musicians know this and gather too, to play music in frolicking jam sessions that can last for hours. I am hoping we can target Friday evening for a jam session that beats last year’s 5 hour event with over 25 musicians and vocalists having a real fun time.



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