Landscape process #5

Landscape #5. Strengthening the weight and detail of the land.
Landscape #5. Strengthening the weight and detail of the land.

Today, I have continued to add detail to the savanna and adding leaves to the scrub trees that pop up in grassy and marshy places. This landscape is slightly different from what I have painted before, using a scale that is reminiscent of the early luminests, although in a very small scale.
When a painting gets this far it needs to sit and be studied. Every time I look at it I see a little something that is not right, something that needs a slight color adjustment, or something I wish I had done differently. I can’t and won’t change everything. I will just reach a point when I call it done and move on so I can begin the next canvas.

2 thoughts on “Landscape process #5

  1. It is so professional. I like tints and tones and color scheme used at the painting. Clouds look so natural.Moreover,you have very nice transitions.
    You are really doing great job. Thanks. Continue drawing more and more even though you have a lot of work to do. Art helps to show what we cannot explain by words. )))


    1. Thank you, Mikhail, for your kind words. I have always loved to create art and intend to keep painting for as long as God allows me the good fortune to.


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