Trying to capture firelight

Firelight #1. Laying the ground on a new canvas.
Firelight #1. Laying the ground on a new canvas.

I have started a new painting this week.
Once again, I am going to try and stretch my comfort area by attempting something I want to achieve – NEED to solve – capturing the warmth of human flesh by firelight, within the chill of late night. It sounds easy in one respect since portraits are something I enjoy. But I have a challenge with firelight.
You see, earlier in the year I started another painting of a friend in candlelight. I wasn’t sure how to work out the lighting and I got stuck. Somehow I strayed from the spark of what makes a painting flow forward. That can happen. Life can interrupt, stresses can keep me from the easel, schedules can bump my ability to get back to it, and eventually I find my self stuck. I want to take this painting off the back burner and get back to it so I began another firelight image to help me learn how to do this.

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