Just a little more.

Firelight #7. Working on face detail.
Firelight #7. Working on face detail.

Not every day is fruitful. Not ever session spent at the easel is as fruitful as others. I worked on the face today and made a little progress forward and see a few things now I need to fix. Sometimes life pressures get in the way of faster progress but that is all part of the process too. Another day might be better.

One thought on “Just a little more.

  1. Thanks for mentioning to John you’ve posted another progress painting! I love your commentary too! Very interesting the change from
    I think #4 to #5 where you had a lot of face detail and the decided to change and pull face and hands together more….where 5 lost the detail. How is firelight different from say…sunlight? Is it because much of the painting is dark, not even there except in our imagination? You are so talented Kel, I admire your skill! Thank you for sharing these progress paintings…love it as much as the finished product…must be why I love the process of putting together a quilt!


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