Under construction

The new year of 2014 is soon upon us. Glory be! What a great opportunity to make changes and renew commitments. My hope is to pick up the consistency and meter of my discipline by making the upcoming year much more creative – and productive.
The new year is also the perfect opportunity to rethink what I want this website to do, so I have begun some new construction here.
The first changes you will see will be in the navigation bar on the right. I am splitting up what was there and some collections may not be visible while I tackle this, so bear with me.
What previously was the portfolio will now be divided into two categories: an informal peek into my studio and a point of purchase or store. In the studio portion I will share insights to process, new projects and discoveries, and work that has been sold for you to use as an idea starter for a personal commission. In the storefront portion, you will find original works for sale in a variety of medium, gichlee prints, buttons and other fanciful items for purchase. I might even open a page to sell a few of the antiques I have lurking around the place.
Check back periodically and let me know if you like what I am up to.

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