Grounding the land.

Yesterday I concentrated more on the land and fixing those parts that made me uneasy.a sunrise 8

I wanted to have a little country road to help establish scale and depth but no matter what I did it kept fighting the plan and distracting the eye flow … so, it had to go. I am not sure if I will try and add something else to serve in that role but we will see. Maybe … or maybe not. That is the true joy of this process. I can think I am planning a painting but once the process begins it becomes more about the ever evolving act of play and less about the ‘work’ of it.

This brings you up to date with camera shots of the painting in process. I plan on spending a few hours working on it today and will post a picture here so you can see what happened. My holiday is over but my determination to go to the easel each day has been set so keep an eye peeled here and I will keep you abreast.

If you know of someone who might enjoy watching, pass on the web address, or if they are on Facebook, encourage them to like the connected page at Kelly James Art.  See you later – I have got to get to the easel.

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