Looking back at the Kalamazoo Show

Working on this painting has certainly been fun. Process aThe 2 pictures I am adding here were both taken on Sunday, later in the day as I painted and talked to the public. I have cropped the people I was talking to out of respect for their privacy but you can see that the trees were developing with each few hours. I apologize for the delay in posting them.
Through the course of that day I got to a point where I might estimate only another good day to be able to devote to the piece, and I could get it done.
Sadly, it is rarely that easy to stay at the easel. Once I got back home I put the work on my home easel and haven’t been able to touch it since. No, there isn’t any painting block or lack of muse at play here. I don’t tend to react to that kind of impediment. It is simply a matter of the demands that come along in lime 1fe that are a great blend of business and pleasure and the painting got bumped to a back burner. I have been on a family vacation, to a national library conference, and to an indoor music festival. If all goes well, perhaps I can get a chance to paint this coming weekend and if I do, it would be wonderful.
Time will tell.

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