New Endeavors

I have always loved the world of miniatures and making small art. From 18th century portrait miniatures to dollhouse miniatures, it is just good fun to work in small scale. This last February I painted a watercolor landscape in an enamel pin-brooch (see image in that post) and enjoyed making it very much.

North shore afternoon. Watercolor.
North shore afternoon. Watercolor.

In April I went to one of Tom Bishop’s International Miniature Shows and I was thrilled and challenged by the caliber of fine craftsmanship I saw. I decided fairly quickly that I would like to try my hand at high-end, dollhouse paintings and get into that show.

This is the first of a whole series of paintings I will be completing over the next months to build inventory so that I can be in that show next April. I am anticipating a need for a minimum of 30 to sustain inventory for the weekend so they should be coming along at a pretty healthy clip. I would love feedback on them, if you’re so inclined.

Don’t worry, I have full intention of continuing my large scale work as well. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “New Endeavors

  1. Thanks for the compliment, Clark. I knew I wanted to begin doing this when I was at the show in April and so shopped at that time for a few frames to start with. I didn’t see any vendors offering good stock, and am not probably inclined to try and miter small scale myself, so I bought ready-made. Some were plain and some quite elaborate. Do you make small frames?
    If you wish, you can contact me through the link on the right side here on the website.


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