Contemplative-part one

I find myself struggling to articulate this process. I have never been good at sustained written dialogue, as those who follow this sporadic blog can attest. Art is so much more than the visible end product, but each work over a lifetime becomes the cryptic evidence of an underlying process that defines and redefines who I actually am. I knew that my self evaluation through the course of this year has been core shifting but I had no idea that it might actually be a realignment of emotions and perceptions that have been allowed to simply grow untended or guided for years. I rolled up my sleeves and walked into my secret garden after years of neglect and was appalled at the weedy, overgrown mess I had allowed. As disruptive as that imagery is, to finally confront it is actually an invigorating and healthy undertaking.
The landscapes I began to paint last year made me happy. I love the light and the color and the moods they evoke.
The plein-aire painting I have done this year has been uncomfortable and stimulating and allowed me to interact with the public in a new, spontaneous way. Now, I need to bring them together.

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