Off to a great start.

The show in Saint Charles was a huge success and I saw so many people that it felt like it was a well established event already. I am happy for the folks who launched this new show. I know how hard this is to do.

New 16" x 20" called St. Croix sunset.
New 16″ x 20″ called St. Croix sunset.

My new works were well received and I painted quite a bit, although there are those who say I do more talking about art than putting brush to canvas. All in all I am happy to have a venue close to home for folks who aren’t in a position to travel to see my recent work. Now I am looking forward to my next show, the Echoes of the Past Trade Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

With that in mind, I put a new canvas up on the easel when I got home and started a painting of a sunset I enjoyed with my husband this past summer in St. Croix, Wisconsin. I loved the soft, rhythmic sound of the waves as the wind calmed, and the way the light played off of the water. This piece has been fun to paint and I am feeling more confident with my style all the time. Let me know what you think. 


4 thoughts on “Off to a great start.

  1. How beautiful, Kelly! Gazing at this painting, I feel like I’m there, hearing, seeing, feeling what you did. Gorgeous!


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