Capturing calm

First evening-blocking in the shapes.
Second evening – working the detail.

Even though the season for traveling and taking pictures is not completely done yet, I find myself already anxious to get started on some of the pictures I’ve taken. This first piece is painted from a shot that I took one evening when we were out for a drive in the country. 

I started this painting on Sunday afternoon and this first photo on the left is how far I got that evening. I don’t have too many process pictures for this painting because it fell together pretty rapidly but I thought it might be fun for you to see my priorities.

Evening three – finishing the tree and the final details.

The second shot on the above right is what happened on Monday night. In this phase of the painting I blocked in where and how I wanted the tree to grow and concentrated on the water’s surface and the grasses. 

The last evening I completed the painting by adding the greenery on the tree and enhancing some of the details that still needed to be finished. It’s fun now that I’ve learned how to pick up speed.

This is a remarkably simple subject – just calm water in late afternoon or early evening sun. I love the quiet light that early evening offers, right before dark. Last light touches the water’s surface and the edges of grasses and makes the color slightly heightened.

I hope you can hear the crickets?

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