Painting peaceful reflections.

I spent part of my time this weekend at the easel and it felt good. It’s that time of the year when I come back inside from a long summer outdoors traveling, camping and painting and I have to re-establish my discipline of sitting down  in front of a canvas and painting from some of the photos I’ve taken.

City Park on Madeline Island, Wisconsin.

It’s kind of funny, I can get rusty in pretty short order if I don’t paint regularly. This painting is another relatively small canvas but the image appealed to me because the water was reflecting the landscape.
I had the opportunity to be on Madeline Island in July, and took a walk one evening with friends. There was a park with some nice walking paths along the southern edge of Lake Superior on the island’s shore. The sun was setting quietly and the water on the inlet was so still. I hope you enjoy the look of it as much as I did.

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