I invite you to follow my process.

It has been a while since I shared the insight of what I am thinking as I make a painting. It isn’t magical, but it is, instead, a personal walk through the creative process. Thanks for asking that I do this again.

Using a coupon for a substantial discount from a local art store, I took a financial leap of faith and bought a 24″ x 48″ high grade canvas and prepaid for a custom frame of stacked linen with red oak to frame it.  I am free now to go back, when I’m done with the painting, to have the framing completed at any time in the future.

Beginning the painting. It will be a cumulative view from many images in my mind; favorite feelings, images that I have enjoyed, and places I have walked. I may  or may not reference some photos. My hope it’s that it can be that visual touchstone of daily calm, and will no doubt be my biggest challenge yet.

Since this is a bit larger than my usual canvas it won’t fit on my easel well so I rigged up a clamp and board setup on my drafting board. The angle is a little different but I will adjust. I needed to pull lights for each side so I can see since the overhead is now behind me and casts too many shadows to be effective. I discovered that a board can sit across the two C-clamps holding the canvas ridge and give me a place to put brushes and the like.

From here on I will take pictures of the process periodically but will not stop and post at those moments. The mental switch from images to words would make that workflow far too disruptive. Rest assured, however, I already began painting yesterday and will post another “catching up” post later this morning.

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