The process: fourth entry – context settles in.

Now the aspects that apply to time of day, geography, and time of year, begin to settle into a place. Back at the easel  yesterday, I began by moving from the ridge line forward. I will try and make these shots a little bigger so you can see the subtly.

I’m not sure yet how I want the  hills to roll between the ridge and where I’m standing. Because of that, I almost have to go a little at a time to see each effect. I also need to start evolving anything that would be behind scrub and grass. Those things need to be painted first so layers in front can grow up cleanly. That’s not to say that I won’t change my mind periodically and tweak forward and back but it is just easier if the layers from back to front can evolve in order.

Tree planning must begin to establish itself at this point as well. I was looking at the sky and there were some cloud formations that I like more than others so I began putting tree trunks in places that might preserve those vistas.

The next steps will start to add details in the mid-ground and foreground that will lend credibility to the landscape.

It’s beginning to get more interesting because the stakes are getting higher and that increases tension.

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