The process – sixth entry: getting back on track.

This is a progress report on how I’ve been doing with fixing those problems I had identified earlier. 
One of the 1st things I had to do was get the limbs on the tree on the right to a place where I could tolerate them. Then, I had to fix the sky because obviously once I had painted out limbs that had been there – like the main one that went across the middle – I had to come up with enough color to cover the scrub.
The more I worked on that sky the more I believed that there needed to be a greater cloud bank. I have always loved the Midwest. A cloud can be nondescript and can tumble up and become cumulus pretty quickly. Changing these  gave me something solid to work with when it comes to the light. That way the Sun can be higher from the horizon, and still not be an issue. This painting is not done, but it’s back on track for sure. Now that I know that the sun is right about mid canvas behind those clouds, I can concentrate on how the light from that sun will impact the tree trunks, and foliage in concentric circles from that spot.

I’ll be back when I have solved the lighting effects.


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