Excited about the new adventure!

There are only a few weeks before I will be enjoying a new adventure, showing my artwork at a convention, Thru the Stones, in Davenport, Iowa. You have seen me painting Outlander inspired scenes (book series by Diana Gabaldon) for some of my studio work this year and this showing is the reason. It is coming up November 30th and I soon will be in the final rush to have everything “just so!”

I will have displayed a great variety of original works done in oil on canvas, and will make available some of my gichlee historical prints, as well. At this event will be a new, limited gichlee edition of a detail of “Safe Harbour”, matted in white (see the photo on the far right). 

I have also created a new series of small pen and ink iconic figures related to the book series (seen in the photo on the near right). Each image is gichlee printed in black and white and finished in a black matte, backed by a certificate of authenticity, and can be purchased individually or as a bundled group of all 5. 

The third photo shows a sample of the printed note cards with an image of one of my paintings, Morning Fog at Craig Na Dun, on the cover.  Blank inside, they give you the opportunity to join those of us historical romantics who still write personal notes and mail them to friends and family. 

All of these new works will be fun new additions to what I have traditionally offered and I plan to continue to have them available … even after the show on the 30th.

I am having so much fun.

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