Spring has evolved into summer…

…and I have so much to tell and show you.

I know I am notorious for not posting here more often. I apologize for that. Sometimes it’s as simple as, “I get busy doing. and not writing about doing.” That may not have anything to do with my art abilities, but certainly reaffirms that I am no good at self marketing.

I have been painting in the studio, painting on trunks and boxes, painting en plein-aire, and illustrating a children’s book (although I cannot show you those illustrations until both the patron and at the publisher have moved forward with the printing). I have a summer scheduled wall-to-wall full of history, art, and travel. I just got back from a long road trip through the western USA seeing amazing scenes and painting a few. It was fabulous and I have photos to keep working in the studio.

Oh yes, I am still working full time as an academic librarian but summer is when the students are minimal on campus and it’s the perfect time for staff vacations. Keep your eyes peeled and I will try and post events that are coming up on the calendar. One heads up is -the tall ships are coming to Kenosha, Wisconsin the 1st full weekend in August and I plan to have an entire art show in my historical marquis. I’ll tell you more about that event later but save the date if you’re interested. 

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