Enjoyable weekend with Tall Ships.

This last weekend with the tall ships was outstanding.

I painted and watched all of the tall ships come in under full sail right off the shore from where I was camped. Once docked, it was a quick morning walk to go over and walk alongside these magesties and take pictures.

I brought along my gallery walls and some works pertaining to water and had them set up inside our marquis. My show, entitled “For the love of water” was spot on and quite successful. I had the loveliest four days meeting new people and talking about art and life in a way that always makes me quite happy.

I also took the opportunity at this event to launch a few new additions of gichlee prints of works that I’ve done recently. I say that now because while I have stopped by my home briefly to unload my art show and large house, I am leaving in the morning to go up through Wisconsin, Duluth, and along North Shore Superior to Grand Portage, Minnesota for a much loved  annual event there. For those of you who are participants at that event I wanted to alert you that I will be bringing 3 new additions of requested images.

  1. The 1st print is Sunrise at Grand Portage which was a very lovely pastel sunrise from lake shore at a spot we all know and love.
  2. The 2nd print is of the great Hall that I painted on site in 2017.
  3. The 3rd is a sunrise that was actually over Lake Michigan but I have brought along because it still exibits that rich, raw color of a sunrise over the Great Lakes.

The additions are small and the images have been reduced from their original to make them more reasonable for today’s crowded wall space. I plan to bring them out after hours to participants only.

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