Copyright conundrum and personal consumption.

I have talked before about copyright as it applies to painting an image that you do not have the rights to, and here is a prime example.

In one season of the Starz production of Outlander [based on the Diana Gabaldon book series] I had seen a picture of an actor (Sam Heughan) and liked the lighting. As a result, I decided to paint the image. Here’s where copyright comes in. Copyright law dictates that I cannot display the finished painting in a gallery, sell the original, or make prints of it until I get back permission from the actor and from the owners of the movie. It’s too bad really, but I completely understand it. Intellectual property, whether it be the creation of who you are and your place in the world, or the intellectual property of the person who made the movie or owns those rights, must be respected. I enjoyed painting it and I share it here at an angle in my home so you cannot reproduce it. The photo doesn’t do it justice as it lacks the quality that seeing it truly does. I had fun, and it was good practice. 

Painting something like this makes me wonder about the folks who do fan art, and whether or not they worry at all about such things? Perhaps it’s because I have aspirations of notoriety someday, but I do worry and I sure don’t need to have the wrath of lawyers down on my head. If you’re a friend of the actor or know who to ask about the movie permissions, let me know. 

So for your enjoyment, in a voyeuristic kind of way, I give you Jamie looking contemplaitively out the window at Lallybroch.

2 thoughts on “Copyright conundrum and personal consumption.

  1. Kelly – Is this something that can be shared with Sam Heughen? I’m sure he would appreciate your talent.


    1. You’re very kind, Claudia. I don’t even know how to get this seen by the people that would need to approve it. I sent a comment on a Sam Heughten fan page with hopes that he might see it and reply, but have pretty slim expectations.
      I would love to hear from him.


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