Peepers, and other Spring sounds.

Yes, it is Spring. Ordinarily I would be camping periodically and enjoying the sound of the Spring peepers, bird song, and other wonderful springtime sounds. I miss them.

I understand that these are such unusual times that we are living through and camping is not on the agenda. I know that this quarantine too shall pass, whether it’s in a month, in 6 months, or in a year …we will be OK. In the meantime I realized that I am approaching this challenge with the same voracity that I do anything. Unfortunately, I have no control over this. None. I can control my own actions, however, and that includes how much I should worry beyond that point where I’ve done things right. I work from home every day and continue to focus on the things that I need to do for myself and my job. I occasionly try to paint in the evenings or weekends much as I always have but I struggle to when I am anxious. Last night I became even more anxious and my mind took me down a dark place that kept me awake most of the night worrying to a silly level. This afternoon I set aside my computer and at the encouragement of my husband picked up the paintbrush again.

I have also approached my art with my head down and my business mindset engaged. Is the subject matter something I can sell? Is the subject matter something that will fit in a particular gallery or group of people? OK, that’s got to stop.

I need to paint for me. This should be my joy, my pleasure, and my relaxation. So this afternoon I did paint for me. I played. I laughed. And I painted for the pure joy of it.

The painting is oil on canvas called, Laughter and Other Sounds of Spring.