Traveling from home

Saturday mornings are a great time to just take a minute, relax, and think about places I’ve gone. I pour a cup of coffee and kick back in the recliner on the back porch. The light is soft and crystaline and bounces off the dew on the ferns, making a galaxy of stars on the fronds moving in the breeze. The colors and textures and light all make it easy to daydream of places I have travelled.

This morning I was remembering our wonderful driving trip to the western states with the van camping and the stunning scenery. As I have said before, I take pictures. Inspired by the morning and my memories of the trip, I scrolled through the album and stopped to smile on this one.

Waterfalls are a fascination to me with their energy and fresh misty air. Surrounded by pines we stood on this small cliff and enjoyed the view, the sounds and the smells for a bit. It was a lovely afternoon, and a memory worth capturing on canvas.

This painting is an 11″ x 14″ oil on canvas called “Morning Smile”.