A glimpse of His palette.

What an incredible time of the year fall is. Everybody I know right now is sharing pictures of fall colors, tracking where they’re the prettiest, and going for rides to see what they can see. Facebook is awash with shots of fall foliage in brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows from all over the country.

This time of year just excites me like a child. I go for rides to see the colors and am mindful that it’s not just the vibrant, fancy ones I love, but all the subtle rich colors, too. Beanfields go rusty orange just before harvest, corn turns crisp shades of beige and the intensity of the blue sky is unyielding. All of the colors are just fabulous. I could paint and paint this time of year and never scratch the surface of subjects worthy of canvas. There’s never a doubt in my mind every day that God is awesome, but when I see his attention to detail in how he uses light and color, I am humbled beyond compare.

I know I had a plan today to work in the yard some, and do some household chores or other weekend warrior tasks, but decided to sit down at the easel for a little bit. I guess I got carried away. I’m not sure if it’s done, maybe not …but close. I thought I’d share it anyway tonight in honor of all the pictures being shared of fall colors.

This painting is a 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas, and is not yet titled.