The new year ahead.

Today is New Year’s Day and our thoughts turn to new beginnings, and making changes to our lives. No, I’m not going to start talking about diet and workout routines, and my own promises are things I will probably keep to myself. Quite honestly, I think that all of our personal lists going into 2021 are valid. This website, however, is about my work and the integral, even foundational part it plays in who I am.

Making art is more than my craft, it is an exposed insight to who I am and how I process my world. Over the last decade, becoming bold enough to show others my artwork, first in person and then online, was and is …difficult. The writing that I do here to accompany it increases the difficulty but I feel compelled to share some insights of my thoughts. My technique, my methodology, and my thought processes have all evolved steadily but this past year began an acceleration of transformation. 2021 will continue to be challenging for all of us since nothing with the magnitude of the trials of 2020, can turn on a dime. The inertia will continue to effect me, no doubt.

I intend to continue to paint and show my work here, and to look at this site over the next few weeks; closing galleries that have not proved interesting or fruitful, shifting the 2020 gallery items into their topical galleries, and exploring ways I can improve the experience for you. I appreciate the support that you have shown me. Thank you.