Fun memories.

Following in the same venue of taking concerted steps towards slowing down, resetting, and choosing to move ahead on a more optimistic path, I’ve decided to simply play again.

I guess if an artist decides to methodically paint with a common theme or statement, those works can be considered a series. I don’t know that I have any particular statement to make but I think I may be moving into a series. The grand label for the series may just be, play. Those who know me, know I love painting animals, birds, and the like (maybe less so fish). Truthfully, it is calming. It may be as simple as their color range is broad and extravagant and the textures to their skin, scales, feathers and fur is always relaxing for me. Visually repetative and tactile work contributes to my calm.

I decided to think back to a really fun time over a year ago when I went to see the interactive bird exhibition at the local conservancy and paint those birds. It was truly a delightful and exciting experience to be in this confined area with a little cup of special treat juice and have these colorful birds land all over me, hopping and making huge noise and grabbing all of the treat that I had in my hand. It’s one of those ‘giggle to yourself and get charlie horses in your cheeks from smiling’, moments.

I hope you enjoy my quick capture of a happy memory on this 7″ x 14″ oil on canvas called “Keats”.