Greenwich Village Art Fair

This event is now days away and I am in the final stages of preparation. I have framed art, written tags, checked out the easy-up, loaded the pro panels, and created the sales gallery here in the website. Friday I go set up the housing and Saturday morning I hang the show. I think I am as ready as I can be?

What I may not be completely ready for is the fact that this is actually that moment when I must push aside my shyness, take a deep breath, and step forward as a professional artist in my home community. This is in-person and in current time period (sans costume) and …hard.

I had never revealed here on my website where in the Midwest I live and work, although I have been here in Rockford, Illinois since I moved here in 1974. It’s time to step out of the artistic shadows and begin my bloom. Like the petunia seeds that fell into the crack at the foot of my back door steps, it is time for me to ‘bloom where I am planted’ and see what my future holds.