Fall is a busy time of year.

I could tell that September was trying to set a new pace for fall but in my naivete I somehow thought it would settle into one that was a bit more realistic. Not so.

October found me trying to triage tasks and events with hopes of getting everything done before weather changed. My task lists were comprised of preparing the house and yard for fall, getting a lot of art ready for a show in early December and holiday shoppers. I was limited to the hours I am not already committed to my day job and I tend to forget – that is not many hours and it’s dark by the time I get off. Eventually I found myself literally picking what was going to just remain undone and rationalizing to be ok with that.

Now it’s November. The freezing temps choose the close of yardwork. Some storms are up on windows, but not all. There aren’t enough daylight hours in my day but I am happy to say that each evening I am signing and packaging art prints. Yesterday I launched a limited edition of the landscape, Appalachian Vista in the Sales Gallery. In forthcoming Saturdays I will reveal open edition prints of an exciting new collection of images, a selection of holiday cards, and a pre holiday sale.

I am beginning to get some semblance of order and pace established and look forward to spending more time with you here.