Letting go of the known, and seeing where the wind takes you.

This month has surprised me.

As the date of my retirement approached (June 30th) I flurried to put work affairs in order; completed tasks, packed my office, and tried to be in as good a place as I could envision myself being. I didn’t get everything done but was assured by my co-worker that there would not be any grudges held for what I didn’t get done. I walked away feeling slightly guilty but thought I was ready for whatever came next. I wasn’t.

It was that moment when you let go of the known and the wind lifts you, and you realize you are airborn. Your flight appears to be somewhere between the flying nun and forest gump’s feather. Someone has cued music and you are fully aware you have absolutely no control. That’s when you realize, or more importantly remember, that God has control… so you take a deep breath… and sail away to your next adventure.

The month has been an unpredictable swirl of occurrences: a quiet stay-at-home 4th of July weekend, a lovely visit with an old friend, 5 days on Madeline Island teaching about early art in America, dinner with another old friend, and a surprise loss of 10 days quarantining with Covid – making me miss a family reunion. I spent my down time trying to get post retirement medical coverage locked in and doing two paintings – a commission work for a friend and one for myself. Whew.

Today is my birthday. I am planning to go out among the population but there’s a week left to the month so I’m checking my seat belt. Retirement is an adventure to be sure, but I’m ready… I think?