Think deeply, consider carefully, and then act.

Thresholds come periodically in all of our lives and always prompt a blend of excited anticipation, subtle terror, and steeled resolve. The next threshold has been stepped over and it is time to act.

I must now reconsider and make adjustments to all of the things that impact my personal life directly or indirectly. It may be an action that impacts someone I care about deeply, or someone I may never know. It may involve my material wealth or my moral currency or my physical wellbeing. It will likely involve these, and more.

So knowing that time is upon me, I will sit quietly, and think deeply. I will consider carefully, and make my choices. Choices for myself. Choices for my family. Choices for my community. Choices for my country. I am ready. I am strong. It is time to be fearless.

Today’s painting is a 5″ x 7″ oil on canvas board entitled “Contemplation with a Cordial Sunset.”

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