Preparing for a show

There are a thousand things to do before I hit the road for the Kalamazoo Living History Show in Kalamazoo, Michigan this weekend. I know going in I will forget something. There isn’t really anything I can do about the general influence of Murphy’s law — all I can do is try and minimize the ill effects.

Whether it is a gallery hanging or a trade show or an out-door fair, the preparation involves a myriad of little details that all need to be finessed into place beforehand just so the performance can appear seamless. It is a whole lot like making a Thanksgiving dinner. You shop and tweak and dither and make lists and shop and prep and … it quickly disappears in a loud and frolicking swirl. LauraIt’s like magic. Then it is gone. That moment you have anticipated for weeks, or even months, passes so fast you can hardly remember the conversations and the laughter. What remains is the warmth of recalling the people you see, the high of talking about your topic of passion all weekend and the satisfied feeling of accomplishment.

If you are near the show next weekend, stop by and introduce yourself. I will have lots of new work and prints are available for many. I will also have the original painting used for the cover of the Journal of the Early Americas volume 1 issue 2.

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