A good way to spend my time.

I had a great time at the Kalamazoo Living History Show. What a wonderful event; very well organized, marvelous facilities, tremendous exposure, and lovely people all around … from staff and volunteers to friends, new and old.

I had a really fabulous time talking to people. One trick I use to help me stay relaxed (and offer a demonstration) is to paint on site. I worked on the painting I had started at Oshkosh again with hopes of making more progress.

Kelly and Grace
Showing the model how the painting had progressed.

Who could have foreseen that Grace, one of the lovely models I had photographed last year (and decided to use in this painting), would come to the event – and dressed in the same dress I had photographed. I love this kind of serendipity!

I was also visited by the wonderful gentleman who had posed for the painting, True Character. Bryan and his wife, Penny were seeing the painting he modeled for, for the first time at its debut at this show. Thanks for your support!

Both paintings, True Character and the now complete, Sisters, can be found in the sale gallery.

Thanks to my models for their patience and for lending me their likenesses. Thanks to Kalamazoo Living History Show for a great venue and exposure for a (re)emerging artist. And thanks to Leslie Martin Conwell for the opportunity to be in the show.

Most of all … thanks to my friends and family for your continuing support.




One thought on “A good way to spend my time.

  1. Kelly, we just loved having you at the show this year. Your booth looked absolutely wonderful, and we received many comments about your work. Thank you for choosing to be a vendor at the show! We hope you join us next year- Leslie


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