New year's work – #1

[singlepic id=149 w= h= float=right]As I said yesterday, I created several new works that reflect the next phase of my development and will roll them out here over several days. 
The first one, shown here, is a small, 11 x 14 landscape that was great fun to do. It was laid out quickly and loosely with all of the large brush blocking of my plein aire studies over the summer. That made its progress fast and gestural, and quite fun. By the time I shifted to a smaller brush to work on the detail and edges I was ready for the pleasure that painting detail brings me. There-in lies my meditative concentration that I was missing when I tried to stay true to the fully plein aire impressionistic style. Yes, it still looks like I have spent a crazy amount of time on the piece but, in fact, I have cut my time substantially.  So sufficiently that I am able to complete more work, more quickly.
I think I am finding that balance of the good marriage.

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