New year's work – #2

[singlepic id=148 w= h= float=right]Here is the second painting. It is a completely new subject for me but I thought that as long as I was trying new things I would try some architectural subjects like boats and buildings. It also forced me to do water – always a bit of a challenge for me. Still a small canvas at 11 x 14, it was also great fun to do. Laid out quickly and loosely with all of the large brush blocking again, it made progress fast and gestural and pleasurable. Again, by the time I shifted to a smaller brush to work on the detail and edges I was having serious fun and spending barely half the time I used to spend belaboring the same size canvas.

I will post the final painting when I get done this weekend. 

2 thoughts on “New year's work – #2

  1. Kel, I love this boat scene! It is one that I wouldn’t know right away is yours. It makes me stop and dwell in the scene, simply love it!


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