New year's work – #3

quiet-mill-pondThis third painting was still on the easel when I had to go back to work so it was finished in bits after I get home each day from working in the library. The combination of building, water, and trees make for another kind of challenge.
These 3 new paintings are a forecast of what I should be able to accomplish with the new style changes. I am having fun again and I am relatively satisfied with the outcome.
Oddly, when I first began to digest the wisdom shared with me last March I felt I needed to completely revamp who I was and what I did and embrace every bit I was told. What has happened was what should always happen during the learning experience. I synthesized what was given. Some of the advice was valid for me and some was not. I incorporated some of the bits and some I rejected. I am my own person. My filter is my own. My vision is my own.
I thank the artist for taking his time to lend gentle voice for my sake and I have become better for the advice. 

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