Spring Cleaning in the Website

This is the beginning of change in my website. Let’s call it Spring cleaning. Motivated by a hack a few weeks ago when the site was shut down while we refortified, I had time to think real hard about what I wanted this website to be. I realized I was trying to make this an over-all portfolio so everyone could see what all I could do. Truthfully, any good artist worth their salt can probably do a dozen or more creative things well but I didn’t need to try to show them all off here.

At this moment in my life I am more painter than anything else, so the website is going to become a point of purchase sale gallery and a place to contact me to commission works or engage me as interpretive art historian and lecturer.  There will be original works and prints for sale, and there will be one small grouping in the store called ‘sold’ if you want to see something I’ve done that might inspire you to contact me for a commission. Yes, I’ll still have the news blog, but I more a painter then a writer so I probably won’t be any more prolific there than I ever have.

That’s it in a nutshell, my life as an artist just keeps getting better, and hopefully my work will continue to get better as well.

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