Imagining the Outlander book series: part 1

Since I have begun to make a few adjustments here on the website, including dropping out several galleries that don’t need to be highlighted online, I decided to add a new gallery. You can see what I have done on the right sidebar of the page.

The name of the new gallery is called Outlander inspired. In this gallery I have started to accumulate work that is relevant to my reading of the series of books written by Diana Gabaldon. Although my artwork this year will not be limited to only paintings pertaining to the books, it will be a general theme for the year. Some of the pieces included in this gallery are paintings that I have done in the last year or two but as I am reading the stories I can see they could easily be images pulled from the pages of the first and subsequent books 2 and 3.

Some of you might already be fans of the Outlander film series on the Starz channel. When we see images in a film it is natural that we then use the film imagery as our mind’s illustrations for the books. It is why there is debate as to whether we should read the book before we see a movie. We do not always envision the characters and places the same way the film directer does.

That being said, the next several postings will be intended to clarify a couple of things about what you may or may not see in my Outlander Inspired paintings.

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