My summer agenda – come out and find me.

Hello all. I have had several people recently ask me where I’m going to be this summer, and if I’ll be doing demonstrations, lecturing, or selling art. Yes to all three. Summer is when I try and slip out of the library a little more often and become a historical time traveling artist.
I would love to see some of you when I am “out in the field”, so to speak. 

Let me try to provide a brief agenda for the summer …here:
July 3-6
    Starting this Wednesday, July 3rd and running through Saturday evening, the 6th I will be camped and in period costume at the farm museum site on Washington island, Wisconsin. This is a more informal setting where I will be found talking about life as a frontier woman artist and creating water color sketches, or oil sketches since I will have my plein aire kit with me as well.
July 11-14  From Thursday, July 11th through Sunday, July 14th, I will be camped and in period costume at the historical museum site in Lapointe, Wisconsin [Madeline island of the Apostle Islands]. Here I will be talking about the challenges of being a woman artist in the Northwest Territories, and demonstrating pigments, tools and craft.

August 1-4   Beginning Thursday, August 1st and running through Sunday August 4th, I will be camped and in period costume on the Simmons Island in Kenosha, Wisconsin for the Pike River rendezvous. At this event I will be setting up a 16′ square marquee tent gallery to house an art show. In honor of the arrival of the tall ships to Kenosha, the theme element of my show will focus on boats and various water settings. There will be original oil paintings on canvas, as well as gichlee prints available for sale.
August 7-11   From Wednesday, August 7th and continuing through Sunday, August 11th I will be camped and in period costume at the Grand Portage National Monument in Grand Portage, Minnesota. Here I will be enjoying a broad variety of activities from painting Plein-aire within the camp to enjoying the rich historical presentations of fellow historians in the Great Hall.

If you want a chance to meet me, or sit and chat about making art, or some topic in history, or the positive impact libraries have on education, come find me this summer. I would love it. 

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