The Artist: looking for the next subject to paint

I have just returned home from being in an historical camp for the latter part of the 4th of July week at the Farm Museum site on Washington Island, Wisconsin. That was a great setting. If you look, you can always find fun topics to paint there, from farm buildings of the early to mid 19th century to the faces of the people sharing my encampment with me. There are also boats in the harbours, deer in the fields, residents and tourists, lavender fields, and musicians and… well, you get the idea.

In an effort to remain a little more true to my portrayal of a woman in the late Georgian, early Regency period, I only took water colors and brushes in my portmando to the field. It really was delightful to wander, seeking sites and topics to paint. This was the first of my summer events where the woman artist, living in history, meets the Northwest Territory.

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