Inertia wins the day

Today has certainly not followed the way I planned it but sometimes you just have to make a judgment call and roll with it. I was having a lot of fun this morning painting those horses that you saw in the post at mid-day, so I decided to sit down at the drawing board and keep going.

2 years ago I was at the Farm Museum on Washington Island for an event over the 4th of July, and I painted a plein-aire of a little calf that they had in a pen there. It was a sweet little thing and I enjoyed painting him. I called the piece, New Friend. Last year, when we set up camp again on Washington Island at the Farm Museum, I noticed they had two adult cows and sure enough one of them was my friend. Now of course the cow is an adult but I recognized the spot pattern and his affection for daisys. Since today’s theme seemed to be around painting animals that I like, I went ahead and painted that calf now grown. I guess I’ll have to name this painting Old Friend, in honor of the 1st painting. I’ve enjoyed painting all day. I hope you had a fun day as well.

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