Remembering the Little Bighorn hills.

I’ve been thinking about our wonderful trip out West last June and decided to revisit a few of our stops and scenes through the course of this Winter in the studio. That’s what I take those pictures for, after all.

This morning I was thinking about how we would encounter the wonderful wild horses at many of the places we stopped. I’ve always loved horses anyway and find myself taking pictures of them whenever I see them in the fields. In this case, they would often walk by where we were parked and I would just stand fascinated … because it’s their turf, not mine. This morning’s study is a small canvas, 11 x 14. It’s a quick study of a couple of the horses from the Little Bighorn battlefield area. This mare was a little bit nervous about me being anywhere near her colt and other mares began to move to the forefront to protect her.

Quickly done, it is good practice and fond memories.  Not sure if it’s done, but I’m done for now. Enjoy.

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