Thought, prayer and choice.

Each day we are confronted with waves of contradicting information and its hard to know what to believe, or do.

Science tells us to stay cautious and vigilant to preserve our health and the health of our co-workers and loved ones. Our national and regional administrators tell us both that “all will be well and over soon…” or that “we have yet to see the peak of the impact and it could get worse if we lighten up at all”. We are grateful that our spiritual leaders have taken our services online and our workplace accommodates our work-from-home status.

The foundation of our faith asks that we speak and act with the confidence and grace that affirms our trust in God’s will and mercy and continue to pray for our safety. God gives us choice so that we can weigh the facts, the opinions, the mandates, and our faith. Sometimes it can be terribly hard to decide what to do next.

Prayer can calm our mind and spirit and allow for the clarity of thought we need to make those good choices.