Choices and Perseverance – and listening for direction.

Every moment, every day, every month, we have thousands of choices that we must make. Some are small and seemingly inconsequential. Some are larger and can impact what tomorrow will bring. Still others can literally change the direction of our life.

Knowing that these choices can carry such radical weight, we can try using our experience to anticipate outcomes and therefore make preparations to increase the probability to make a good choice when the time comes. I know that we cannot guess right all the time, but we can often react to sudden decisions with greater calm and logic when we have spent time preparing in quiet contemplation. Part of that success comes from the balance of staying knowledgeable of ourselves and our circumstances. The other part comes from listening to guidance from the still, small voice… impossible to do if we are not open to the concept of a divine being, or greater forces than ourselves at the very least. This powerful combination of introspection and acknowledgement of an outside influence, helps us face choices with agility, grace, and wisdom.

These last 2 to 3 years have been especially challenging for everyone and I must admit it doesn’t look like it’s going to go back to the simplicity of the way it was any time soon – if ever. Years can appear to be a lifelong crescendo with each year providing its own level of challenge. I remember thinking that it was hard when I was a child. I couldn’t wait to have more control over my choices because I was sure that it would get easier. As I grew into adulthood I realized that each previous time in my life was, in fact, the simpler time and I have come to the realization that the general trajectory was indeed up. Now I look nostalgically at even 4 years ago . . . which felt much easier than today.

The most recent painting is a 20″ x 16″ oil on canvas entitled, “Chaga Harvest”

As I find myself looking forward to each next phase of my life I can find that I am calmer about the escalation than I could have anticipated. I have enjoyed several careers which I have loved very much and throughout them, I have remained a visual artist. I have traveled much of our country, seeing it from air, highway, backroad and wagon trail. I have experienced great joys and great sorrows, the latter brought to bear at the loss of dearest friends, dearest family members, and even dearest dreams. At the moment of impact from each of these milestone moments in our lives we are sorely aware that we could not have predicted appropriately, but we could demonstrate our awareness by walking in grace and faith.

Looking at the beginning of this new year I realize I am farther along in my amazing life path – I dare say closer to the end than the beginning – which puts me in a good position of hindsight to celebrate my life experiences, successes, and overall choices. Looking ahead I see I have no less dreams, passion, or intellect, although perhaps I move a little slower, and am a little more thoughtful. I never got to be a famous artist but consider myself wealthy beyond measure in the commerce that matters, and my art reflects my well traveled road. In the months ahead I will enjoy the now familiar and necessary shifts towards the next stretch in my road and review my travel kit, packed with life experiences, gleaned wisdom, necessary survival tools, and hope. I am excited at the next adventure and find myself listening carefully to the calm guidance of the still, small, voice.