Balance of motivations.

I know that sometimes I have to concentrate on painting strategically for the business, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Balance, however, dictates that I also need to paint for the fun of it.

Case in point, I am getting ready for a historical trade fair in March. As a result, I am painting a few historical subjects to complement the theme and timeline of the show, while being mindful of what I can actually fit on my panels in a limited boothspace. Today I finished a painting that can serve both – – it will fit in the theme of the show, but I absolutely loved painting it because the subject is my favorite model.

I think that now I have enough paintings done for that show that I can shift my indulgences again. There are subjects in the wings that were not correct for this event and I’m anxious to paint them. I have a great commission for a warm, midwestern landscape that is set in the 21st century and my patron has been more than patient. I also have a lovely still life photo that just begs to be painted because of the richness of color and texture. It’s all about balance…the balance between painting for the business and painting strictly for my own enjoyment.

I offer you my current painting, an 8″ by 10″ oil on canvas of my husband in his portrayal of an 18th century surveyor, “Polishing Brass”

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