Imagining the Outlander book series: part 1

Since I have begun to make a few adjustments here on the website, including dropping out several galleries that don’t need to be highlighted online, I decided to add a new gallery. You can see what I have done on the right sidebar of the page.

The name of the new gallery is called Outlander inspired. In this gallery I have started to accumulate work that is relevant to my reading of the series of books written by Diana Gabaldon. Although my artwork this year will not be limited to only paintings pertaining to the books, it will be a general theme for the year. Some of the pieces included in this gallery are paintings that I have done in the last year or two but as I am reading the stories I can see they could easily be images pulled from the pages of the first and subsequent books 2 and 3.

Some of you might already be fans of the Outlander film series on the Starz channel. When we see images in a film it is natural that we then use the film imagery as our mind’s illustrations for the books. It is why there is debate as to whether we should read the book before we see a movie. We do not always envision the characters and places the same way the film directer does.

That being said, the next several postings will be intended to clarify a couple of things about what you may or may not see in my Outlander Inspired paintings.

Spring Cleaning in the Website

This is the beginning of change in my website. Let’s call it Spring cleaning. Motivated by a hack a few weeks ago when the site was shut down while we refortified, I had time to think real hard about what I wanted this website to be. I realized I was trying to make this an over-all portfolio so everyone could see what all I could do. Truthfully, any good artist worth their salt can probably do a dozen or more creative things well but I didn’t need to try to show them all off here.

At this moment in my life I am more painter than anything else, so the website is going to become a point of purchase sale gallery and a place to contact me to commission works or engage me as interpretive art historian and lecturer.  There will be original works and prints for sale, and there will be one small grouping in the store called ‘sold’ if you want to see something I’ve done that might inspire you to contact me for a commission. Yes, I’ll still have the news blog, but I more a painter then a writer so I probably won’t be any more prolific there than I ever have.

That’s it in a nutshell, my life as an artist just keeps getting better, and hopefully my work will continue to get better as well.

Small Business Saturday Sale!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
It is a time of reflection and a time to give thanks for all those things that are important in our lives; a time to celebrate the good and positive. I am personally thankful for so very much. 
Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, and many small, independently-run businesses have promotional sales on their merchandise.
As I have had time to reflect, I have decided that I want to share with all of you who have supported me in the past year. Thank you. For the first time, is going to participate in small business Saturday by offering 15% off select items. 


Saturday, November 25th, items in the following storerooms can be purchased for 15% discount – Landscapes, Historical Genre, and Flora, Fauna and More.

Emails sent anytime between 12:01 Saturday morning and 11:59 Saturday night expressing your intent to purchase an items will secure your 15% discount. See “Contact Me” on the right hand column.

Credit cards through Square and Paypal are accepted.

New catagory in the Store.

Magnificent EgoAfter the last post, where I mentioned I would be revealing a picture of the ram that I painted last weekend, I realized that I did not have a category for subjects that were not landscapes, for example.
So I launched a new category in the store that covers animals and flowers and still life and some of those other things that I will be painting that don’t fit in the other pages. The first painting housed there is, of course, the ram shown here. Enjoy.

New in the store.

Getting ready for the trade show I decided to add the recent paintings to the store under original work on the right hand side of the page here. This should allow all of you to see more detail in the paintings you been watching. I hope you enjoy seeing the larger images.

Under construction

The new year of 2014 is soon upon us. Glory be! What a great opportunity to make changes and renew commitments. My hope is to pick up the consistency and meter of my discipline by making the upcoming year much more creative – and productive.
The new year is also the perfect opportunity to rethink what I want this website to do, so I have begun some new construction here.
The first changes you will see will be in the navigation bar on the right. I am splitting up what was there and some collections may not be visible while I tackle this, so bear with me.
What previously was the portfolio will now be divided into two categories: an informal peek into my studio and a point of purchase or store. In the studio portion I will share insights to process, new projects and discoveries, and work that has been sold for you to use as an idea starter for a personal commission. In the storefront portion, you will find original works for sale in a variety of medium, gichlee prints, buttons and other fanciful items for purchase. I might even open a page to sell a few of the antiques I have lurking around the place.
Check back periodically and let me know if you like what I am up to.

New gallery page

Recently, I had an opportunity to talk to someone about some of my larger scale work, primarily murals. One of the murals was a 36 foot wrap-around, Midwestern landscape painted on a garage. It was fun to do and utilized the trompe l’oeil method of softening the line between real and illusion. Meaning fool the eye, it is playful and challenging. Further conversation encouraged me to share just a few of those large scale works with you here, so you can now find a new page listed on the right side menu called “Murals plus”.
I also added a few more sketches to the journal, In the Garden. They are merely little illuminated watercolor pictures done on site, in my garden. Feel free to browse the site¬† –¬† and have fun.

New painting and a new Portfolio page

Laying the ground on a new canvas.
Landscape #1. Laying the ground on a new canvas.

Often I am asked, how I begin a painting, where I start, or what I do next?

I have a general idea of what I plan to paint when I begin but there is a great deal of decision making at every step as well. When I paint on site, people often enjoy watching me paint or will come back periodically to see how it is growing.

I started a painting this weekend – a landscape – and have decided to try and bring you along with me as I paint. This first image is just laying color down in a ground. There will be a new page under the portfolio tab and this page will show paintings at various stages from beginning to end. I hope you enjoy watching the process.